About Jay

It all started for Jay Guerriere at ten years old, when he would frequent the local theatre all alone and watch Steven Spielberg and George Lucas movies. Jay was struck by the power of the cinema and it was then that he knew he wanted to make films.

Growing up, Jay shot and edited amateur movies and comedy skits on his sister’s video camera, and in 1995, he graduated from the Ontario College of Art’s Film and TV program. Since then Jay has become a specialized Director of Photography, Editor, and Colourist. His body of work includes numerous multi-genre feature films, magazine-style television, lifestyle and fashion television, commercials, and corporate branding on the web.

Jay is known for being easy to work with because of his light-hearted sense of humour, professional demeanour, innate creativity, focused attention to detail, and commitment to excellency.

“Because my career is doing something I’ve loved since I was a child, it feels like I haven't worked a day in my life.”

As an editor, Jay has a sharp eye for story and his cinematography excels in creating images that evoke mood and feeling.

“I am passionate about sculpting the moving image from start to end; beginning from the light falling on the camera’s sensor, all the way through to the colour timing stage.”

Jay's Gear

Jay owns a Red cinema camera with complete set of accessories, a grip and lighting package, and a post production studio where he edits on several editing platforms including Premier Pro, Avid, and Final Cut Pro, and colour grades with the DaVinci Resolve.

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